Alchimia Alumni: Natasha Kandaraki

A dialogue about jewellery.

This time with the young Greek artist and educator Natasha Kandaraki. Natasha graduated from Alchimia in 2010 and has recently opened her school Anamma: in Athens.
Despite the terrible crisis in Greece Natsha’s school is growing and she is currently preparing the first exhibition with her students.

sorry for the text only legible to Greeks but here we got a description in English:

Exhibition of contemporary jewelry

What is color? Pulse, rhythm, tension, motion. And what else? Feelings, thoughts, memories and images. The color is light and energy, a powerful language without words. Here we are! In our first exhibition, 19 students of the workshop Anamma experimenting with forms, materials and composition, creating jewelry that reflect what the colors revealed to us.
Teaching & Curator: Anastasia Kandaraki

Evangelia Demetriou / Xara Kourtali / Xrysa Chatzikonstantidou / Petri Kapetanopoulou / Anastasia Anglopoulou / Mirto Prokopiou / Kuriaki Mastropetrou / Anna Pervolaraki / Eleni Roumbou / Maro Vasiliadou / Daphne Dionisopoulou / Jenny Antonopoulou  / Ioanna Alexiou / Amerissa Apokremioti / Katerina Gluka / Elli Glynou / Angelos Konstadakatos / Evi Bormpantonaki / Elizabeth Kollia

Place: Brisaki (Art Space and Action),Brisakiou 17 Plaka, Athens
Opening: June 8, 2012, 8 PM
Duration: 8 -9 -10 June 2012
Hours :: Fri 5pm-10pm, Sat & Sun 11am – 8pm

We wish her and her students a lot of luck !!!

But now let’s go with the interview:

Your father has a jewellery business in Athens and your older sister is a jewellery designer and teacher, so we can say that jewellery is in your DNA. What were the reasons to complete your education at Alchimia, a contemporary jewellery school ?

First of all, I would like to thank you Doris and Lucia for this short interview. It is true that I grew up in a family with jewelry background. I used to see all of these golden jewelry with diamonds and precious stones around me since I was very young. I was always interested in laboratories and the process of creation. I was especially keen in the contemporary approach to the jewelry world. So, I started a research on places where I could learn how to create modern  jewelry. At this point I found Alchimia. I loved the work of the school and I finally joined it. I feel very lucky for that and I am grateful to my family for supporting me.

Natasha’s new work: brooch metamorphosis

You graduated from Alchimia in 2010, can you explain the decision to set up jewellery making courses in your workshop and to expand this even further in the last year ?

The idea of setting up jewelry making courses was in my mind since attending Alchimia. After my graduation I came back to my home city, Athens and realized my dream. So, I set up a workshop and started giving lessons in October of 2011.

My decision came from my passion for contemporary jewelry. I wanted to share this with people and let them know what contemporary jewelry is all about, aiming to expand the contemporary jewelry family.

ring, metamorphosis II

How difficult was it for you to actually realize your dream of becoming a teacher (you talked about it already when you studied in Alchimia) and opening a school, or better is it more exhausting to think or to do ?

Becoming a teacher made me realize that I love it. At the same time it is a big challenge for me, makes me grow day by day. I also realized that is more exhausting to think than to do. So I just did it and I am very happy for that.

1000 pieces

Do you think it is a good option for makers and artists like you to try to teach what you have learned besides making your own work ?

Making and teaching are not mutually exclusive. I am teaching what I have learned but at the same time I am learning a lot from my students, and I believe that this will be a big recourse for my next work.

Natasha in her school

Greece is in the middle of an economic crisis but your little school is working well and it seems that you had not much difficulty to find students. I know you are not an economist but we would really like to know what you think about the reasons of this success.

As you say I am not an economist but I believe that the economic crisis makes  culture and art flourish. People are looking for creative activities to help them relax from everyday life. Making jewelry is a creative activity that works like a kind of psychotherapy.

If you could give an advice for the professional carees to young jewellery makers like you are, what would you tell them ?

To create, to believe ,to support and to spread it!

Thank you for these optimistic and enthusiastic words, I think we all need to hear things like this in the moment.

Good luck to you and your students!!!!!

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