Hazardous Experiments

At Valencia Melting Point

As always the report comes a bit late, but there are some other sites that were faster than us. Please take a look at them:

Valencia Melting Point, Hazardous Experiments, carolinagimeno Blog, Bijou_Contemporain Jewelry, Mardecolorrosa, chiarame, dorismaninger

But now lets start from the beginning

arrival in the evening and immediate start of set up work. Big, beautiful space, wonderful hosts, lots of beer, and some confusion

boxes full of experiments to open

The task was to open all of them, line the materials on the foam boards and only after go to eat, fortunately in Spain you can eat also at midnight

It was tough but we did it

and the next day was almost a miracle

The foam boards we had ordered were exactly the color of walls and floor tiles

the amount we had bought was exaclty the right one,

and what we had immagined worked out !!!!!!!

we could happily drink after hard work and wait for the visitors to come

and they came, young and old, and more and more

after a while there was no time for drinking and joking anymore

all the students had to work: explain, explain, explain

the later it got the more visitors came and the explanations got better and better

and probably also more inspired

once in while a little rest was allowed

we had real glasses, no plastic and nothing broke

it was a wonderful evening, warm and full with the smell of spring blossoms, and it was Spain

miraculously none of the foam boards fell and no experiment either

nothing was lost, no piece displaced, touched but not dispaced

we found many new friends, some known over the web but never seen as Marianne Gassier from Bijoucontemporain

or some of the members of the BORAX group

The teachers and students from EASD Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València
who had organized all this, exhibitions, conferences, dinners, workshops had done a great job.

everybody asked questions and wanted to know about the materials and the working process

it was unusual for all to be able to touch freely the exhibited pieces

and this was a big part of the success of our exhibition

we were all  happy about this evening, it was one of the moments when you really feel sorry for the passing of  time.
IT was  the teamwork that had let to this result that made us particularly proud. We had done it all together and could be happy together, each one of the Hazardous Operations Team had been precious to the end result.

Here just some more pictures all taken by HaNa Choi who had the task to document the whole event

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