Nubre – Final exhibition in Cairo

We have been telling a while ago about the marvellous project that is going on in Egypt.

And now we can invite you to the final exhibition!!!



Contemporary designs by Egyptian students in a European-Egyptian exhibition in Cairo

 An exhibition featuring innovative jewellery pieces will open from 9 to 12 May in Cairo. This exhibition is the first of a series of exhibitions between Cairo and Aswan to showcase the designs of 45 Egyptian students who took place in an initiative by Azza Fahmy Jewellery co-funded by the European Union (EU).

Nubre, which means design in the Nubian language, is the first private sector initiative to support students with passion for design. It was launched initially with the core purpose of enforcing a “design culture” in Egypt and creating a bridge between local and European students.

The most significant outcome of this project is that the students would get the opportunity to showcase their talents by exhibiting their work to the public. Moreover, the Azza Fahmy Foundation will also offer the best students the opportunity to work on Azza Fahmy future design projects, in addition to multiple financial prizes and recognition.

Prior to the exhibition, four workshops were held in Aswan under the theme “Linking Heritage to Contemporary Design” with designers coming from some of the best Jewellery design schools in Europe: Doris Maninger from Alchimia, Ramon Puig from Massana and Christoph Zellweger from HEAD Geneva, and  Jean Power from the UK . The main focus of was finding inspiration, recognising it, understanding it and then knowing what to do with it. During the workshops, the students worked on their design concepts using materials from the environment, and then finished their pieces with the help of Azza Fahmy and corresponding with their instructors  after the workshops.

The first stop of the exhibition will be British Council in Agouza – Cairo from 9 till 12 May 2012. The exhibition will then move to other locations in Cairo in addition to Aswan.

This project is one of the projects funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Egypt in the framework of the annual EU Calls for Proposals for Cultural Activities.

For more information on NUBRE, please visit

Many amazing pieces are the results of these workshops, traditional tiara’s but done with carrubs, brooches out of Nubian plates, the colours and the forms of the Nubian tradition reelaborated with surprising materials in necklaces and bracelets.


but for sure most of the pieces conserve the deep sense for ornament inherent in the Egyptian culture

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