An  international exhibition of neckpieces
including students from
Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School
and Massachusetts College of Art and Design
curated by
Professor Heather White

The exhibition is based on the Surrealist “Exquisite Corps” in which twenty neckpieces are on display.
Two different students living in different countries created each neckpiece. Half of the students are from Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence Italy, the other from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston MA.
The students were asked to create one-half of a neckpiece and Heather White made curatorial decisions on pairings and physically assembled the halves to make whole necklaces in which the unexpected ensues.

The exhibition will travel to Boston, MA USA in fall 2012.

We had a really nice opening and vistors loved the combinations and the stories about them.
Thank you Heather, here is a flower for you!!!

Many startling associations ocurred, some pieces seemed to be made for each other

whereas others were in such contrast that they completed each other in a strange way

you could find almost any material you could think of: resin, paper, plastic, silver, leather, enamel…

fabric, latex, glass, concrete, plaster, iron, brass, copper, shibuichi……..

steel, fimo, rubber, toys……..and of techniques.

to set up the show we borrowed wood from a construction site, we thought we would have to cover it all up with paper or paint……

but we needed nothing, we could just place the pieces on this wonderful yellow planks, that showed the infinite steps that had passed over them

just a pity that we have to give them back soon.

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