Plastic workshop with Heather White

It was just before Easter vacation, and it gave lots of new inputs

Heather White Professor at MassArt (Massachusetts College of Art and Design) and since February in Florence with a Fullbright Grant, gave this workshops to our students and after also to some of our teachers about the silicon molding systems and plastic cast.

Heather opened some totally new frontiers for us and we are now fully equipped to continue the research with these materials

We have been working and experimenting with epoxy resin for years, but never with polyurethanes.
This plastic as the silcon molds used to cast are different, need some more equipment as pressure pot and vacuum but give a whole range of possibilities exciting to discover.

Heather had us follow strictly the rules to after ask us to break them all

incredible colours can come out, always a surprise….

We all want to thank Heather for this opportunity, it was so good to have her in our school and we hope to continue learning experiences with her.

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