Wax Worlds – Workshop with Peter Bauhuis

Its been a long time since the last post. Easter vacation and other more urgent activities in between.
But now we are ready again to inform you about our latest activities.

First of all the 4 days workshop of our second year class in Peter Bauhuis’ new studio in Munich.

Peter's new studio

It was an exciting experience for our  students, to work in the artist’s studio, to get a really close look on the working habits and of course also on the work of their teacher.

every detail of the casting technique process could be carried out

the liquid wax cast into the plaster mold

Chiara pouring the liquid metal under Peter's supervision

wax experiments ready for selection, not all could be casted

Yuqi and Francesca preparing their pieces for casting

a wax 'tree'

the 'cuvette' positioned for the kiln

some final results in different metals

They all would have liked to stay longer !!!!!!!

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