Summerworkshop 2012 with Christoph Zellweger

2000 millimetres of Uncertainty

from 21 – 30 July 2012

2000 mm is just a length. It could be 1200 mm or 2060 mm, it is just an arbitrary length…

This workshop is about setting parameters.
It is about working within restrictions, about creating chance and limiting choice.
It is about the use of restrictions and chance in the creative process of developing original ideas and your personal work.

Looking for resistance, negotiating and accepting a set of self-set restrictions is a crucial way of entering a personal open-ended creative process. Creating opportunities through play and experimentation means looking for chance and exposure to what can’t be thought about alone.
The workshop commences with the idea of uncertainty to finally create new pieces of wearable works based on the traces of contemporary living and personal experiences. The workshop will allow participants to further trust in their own processes and make them find confidence in making considered as well as radical decisions.

how long are 2000 mm?

how long does it take to become certain?

how much does it take?

this is Elsbie ... without doubts ...

this is Elsbie's piece when worn by Nedda ...

2000 mm / view from the studio

the idea and concept for the rhizome-works grew at the end of the last century / between 1998 and 2000 ...

grew into various wearables ... 'rhizomes' are for men and women - to me, the 'rhizome' represents our time, it is fit for the new millennium...

large 'rhizome' in natural rubber / 2006

'data jewels' on sale - anywhere and everywhere / 1999 / 2011

'relic rosé' / cavicular / flock, mixed media, silver / 2006

'26 stiches' from the incredibles- series / installation view / photography / leather, hand-stiched nippel-areola re-construction / 2010

'plug-ins and add-ons' / porcelaine 2010

''i-classic' from the series 'plug-ins and add-ons' / fired clay 2010

''i-classic' from the series 'plug-ins and add-ons' / fired clay 2010


Christoph Zellweger (Switzerland/UK) started as a trained goldsmith and maker of fine jewellery and metalwork for the high-end market in Germany and Switzerland. After going through a rigorous phase of questioning his role as an artist-maker he developed a ‘critical edge’, which was manifested in his degree work at the Royal College of Art, where he qualified with distinction. In addition to exhibiting internationally and running his studio, he holds a professorial research post at Sheffield Hallam University and lectures at Europe’s leading design and art colleges and in America. Christoph has also run professional summer workshops in various countries, including the International Summer Academy Salzburg, Austria; Design Werkstatt Braunwald, Switzerland and Boekhoudt/ Zellweger, Jazzenuil in France.
In 2007 he published Foreign Bodies, a monography, which aims to extend the definition of body adornment today.

Duration of the course: 9 days, 72h
Cost: 1500 € + 21% VAT

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