Making order 4-5-6

Of course something important was forgotten in Making order 1-2-3

The Bavarian State Award to our teacher Peter Bauhuis.

Mediterraneo – exhibition in Livorno organized by AGC

Several of our students participated and the competition winner was the corean artist Euik Yung Lee.

The exhibition “svolte” after Erfurt and Berlin was shown in the Alchimia gallery for 6 weeks

The Easter egg installation designed by Satita Rojpojjanarat

was the joy of all passing children, (there is a nursery next door)

and the dispair of the parents : “why don’t we have eggs like this?”

every student made an egg and the party organized by the third year was a great success

What else happened in these months:

a lot of course, and too much to show all the photos

Collect, London in May (many teachers and graduates present)

Current, exhibition of Alchimia graduates in Tokyo

The Christoph Zellweger workshop

The Nubre workshop in Aswan



Profondo Show

The Alchimia graduation show was mounted in the amazing basement in Piazza Piattellina.

Four students were chosen by Galerie Marzee to represent Alchimia at the Marzee Graduation show in August: Jade Drakes, Carissa Hsu, Nadege Roscoe-Rumjahn and Satita Rojpojjanarat

Probably we will not be able to use this space again, but it was great for the first Graduation Show in the new school.

“A journey of life and harmony within”, Gallery Baum, Korea

was a very successful exhibition organized by three Corean graduates of Alchimia

Young-Bin Park, Eun-Jae Baek and Sung-ho Cho

the beautiful space of Gallery Baum

and then there was also the Hatpin show, in Harlem Holland

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