Making Order 1-2-3

white beginnings after the “colourful” Christmas party

January : Florence freezing

30 cm of snow in Florence last winter, it was terrible and wonderful at the same time.
Lucia and her husband had to sleep in school, no way to get home.

In February we had our 10th and for now last, Inhorgenta booth.

red, intense, drammatic and passionate as appropriate for a mediterranean school guided by a Professor as Ruudt Peters

March: “Ring, Ringe und nochmals Ringe” at Galerie Mangold in Leipzig

each student and teacher of Alchimia showed 2 rings, the exhibition was supported  by the Leipzig bookfair and Larkbooks presented some of their most successful editions regarding rings.

It was a bit difficult to photograph the installation.

Immediately after “Rings” there was Schmuck in Munich and in 2011 two Alchimia graduates had been selected:

Suzanne Beautyman and Geri Nishi

opulent borders, Suzanne Beautyman

icecream necklace, Geri Nishi

Several exhibitions in town showed Alchimia graduates: Flora Vagi, Ara Kuo, Malaika Najem, and again Geri Nishi.

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