New window installation for December

Dinah Lee’s  installation in the Alchimia window

a very intense work, on her own personal history has led Dinah Lee to the concept of her  installation in the Alchimia window. Part of her work with Prof. Ruudt Peters this installation is the result and highlight of a three month research.

The title :”Thank you for the donation” is misterious and refers to her personal history, like  the  “wombs”  hanging from the ceiling and lying on the ground.

A long and difficult preparation led to a beautiful result with the help of Dinah’s friends and classmates.
Installations are an important part of the third year’s research, they open the student’s eyes to another dimension of their work and prepare them for future set ups of exhibitions.
“It was really important for me to think in this large dimension, being used to work on  small body related objects. This time I constructed the bodies (parts) myself and had to place them in space, an extremely challenging and exiting experience.”

“It took me a long time to make the wombs, and I was never completely sure about the outcome. Without the help of my friends it would have been impossible.”

“But it was worthwhile, the result at the end was almost better than I had expected.”

The face of the little girl shows well the impact the window has on the ongoers.
What is more of a delight than to amaze children !!!!

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