Course in Textile Techniques for Jewellery

with Doris Maninger

crochet, ring in coated copper wire and beads

From the 2nd to the 4th of December Doris Maninger held her first weekend course in textile techniques in metal. 15 hours that at the end resulted almost 17 of intense work and the students could take home three finished pieces and a variety of samples. The course focused on crochet and free interlacing (a technique ivented by Lucia Massei and further developed by Doris), two techniques that give endless possibilities of variations and application to the most diverse materials.

free interlacing, braclet in 925 silver wire

From Friday afternoon to Sunday evening the students worked first on their samples in copper  and then completed a jewellery piece in silver to further exercise the technique and to understand what kind of problems and complications can occur in the finishing process.

crochet, pendant in coated aluminium wire

Doris Maninger is convinced that studying only the technical process, without application in a jewellery piece,  leaves  a kind of void at the end and the risk to forget soon is very high. “When you apply the apprehended technique immediately, you exercise and learn  about the many possiblities of  variation, plus the satisfaction of bringing a finished piece home.” , she says.

Giovanna’s happy face in front of her bracelet shows this clearly. She states “In finishing you also realize all the little problems that can occur, a lot of questions to the teacher come in to your mind, because you have the time to really reflect while making, and a lot of ideas for further pieces come into your mind.”

the table in total confusion, wires everywhere !!

the starting moments of the bracelet

They could take  wire and tools home on saturday evening in order to be able to finish on the next day.

and here it is!!!!

and also some more………………..

another bracelet in crochet around a frame in fine silver and…..

two pendants or beads in 0,5 sterling wire formed on a ball…..

Of course there remains still a lot to learn and two practice but for 2 and 1/2 day the outcome was more than excellent.
It was pleasure says Doris to work with such diligent and passionate students.

some samples of the work of Doris Maninger in textile and metal

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