Fragile: The November Alchimia Window Installation.

Alchimia, third year, three students, three different countries, three different subjects. This installation, made by three different students from their last school year, tries to represent how they see their own work now, how they feel in the creation process: Fragile. The confusion and the lack of clearness in the work process make them feel like something does not let them see what is in front of them.

Andrea Coderch Valor from Spain is working with Japanese kimono fabrics to create a plethora of flowers in all shapes and sizes constantly strengthening and deepening her love and fascination for Japan. Valentina Caprini from Italy conducted a deep research into fabric manipulation and transformation. Converting old textiles into new ones. Anna Helena Van De Pol de Deus from Brazil/USA uses the ‘cow tongue’ as a metaphor for communication and language. She is now playing with modular materials to create tongue like structures.

One element from each third year students research was selected as a representation of their current processes.

“We were thinking of different ways to express fragility, we decided to create a curtain with our current experimentations and trails to convey the unveiling of third year and wanted to do it in a way that you can have a glimpse at what is in the other side but not see through it. How could we achieve this? SHADOWS! SHILOUTTES! We created the curtain out of multiple sheets of white fragile tissue paper and gathered them delicately with a white tape that has FRAGILE in bold red letters. Fragile, our current state. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring but knowing if we continue to work and experiment we will arrive to our destination. This curtain was placed right onto the glass. Completely ‘solid’ during the day but at night the pieces hung from within dance between the light and space. The placement of the light is done in a manner that enlarges only specific sections of the pieces heightening the mystery of what is on the other side.”

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