Ergonomic Territories – L.T.C.H. By Giulia Savino, Weronika Marek, Dinah Lee

“Ergonomic Territories is an infinite system of creation.

This collection is based on geology and landscapes, contemporary languages.”

As you walked pass the stand of L.T.C.H. during the 2011 Sieraad Fair, held in Amsterdam, you can’t help but notice the geometrical pieces that pull the eye along with the silver “bricks of Holland” backdrop.

L.T.C.H. short for “Lotocoho” is a young company started a year ago by Jorge López-Conde  and Anna Tomich Hockensmith in Madrid, Spain. With no official education in goldsmithing or jewelry, the dynamic duo have a specific style of their own, bringing backgrounds of Architecture, Interior Design and Photography. Starting from the elements of landscapes, going through the basic geologic constructions they bring to life their pieces made up of rings, fibulas or brooches, bracelets and different elements that complement anatomy. All pieces are first derived from nature, then worked on the computer taking away with them the structure. From there they adapt the structure to the body. The pieces are done in lost wax casting, some handmade in wax, and some prototyped in polyamide.

“Mountains contain unseen stories. Learning stories through objects.

The inverse journey of religion that dumps these stories on

an object, mythifying it. Mountains built on stories, mountains of stories.”

In every piece, there is a definite and clear connection to architecture showing structural lines that delimit the geometrical spaces. With a very clean aesthetic it has an impact to the eye, drawing you in and curiously wanting to know more. Metal being their material ranging from silver, oxidized silver, bronze, to gold plated pieces, they go hand in hand with their concept. Upon touching the pieces, they have a good weight to them, being not too light, nor too heavy. However it fails to reach “Ergonomic Territories”, in the sense of functionality, wearability and comfort as well as not quite delivering their concept of, “Mountains built on stories, mountains of stories”. The viewer may have a difficult time seeing beyond the structure, but it doesn’t take away from the aestethic.

Lotocoho can be seen in We*Do Gallery in Bangkok, and at RSTOO (Relative Space) in New York. They also participated in the Paris Fashion Week this year. And they will be at Inhorgenta 2012.


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