Red – Performance at Sieraad

Finally the photos of the performance RED

Thanks to Kerianne Quick, who took a lot of photos we can finally give an idea of our performance at the Sieraad fair in Amsterdam, two weeks ago. Alchimia was invited to deliver a performance at the fair for Sieraad’s 10 year anniversary.

Third year students: Dinah Lee, Weronika Marek, Roe Press, Catalina Gibert, Izabella Petrut, Giulia Savino, Ji-Yang Lee, Patrick Davison and Sam Hamilton all in red, a letter of the word Alchimia painted on their faces and conceptual experiments pinned on the dresses, wandered silently around the fair.

arousing mixed feelings in the pubblic !

and getting quite cold feet on the concrete floor.

Once in the while they all met to form the word Alchimia, as a suggestion of how important the concept of Alchemy is for jewellery in general and for contemporary jewellery in particular.

It was not easy to meet and not loose orientation in the perfectly round “Gashouter” (no idea how this word is pronounced in dutch) and it took always quite a while until all of them found their way to form the word.

Sam with the beginning A was the lead, the others slowly followed.

What we tried to arouse was surprize and wonder, questions and smile, a glimpse of something unexpected and a different thought about jewellery and ornament. It had been difficult at the beginning, because of the unknown environment, because of the fact that we are jewellers and performing is not at all easy, but actually after the first time and after having seen another performance, we took ourselves more seriously and so the second time it went really well and we all enjoyed it.

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