Gabi Veit – Exhibition in Bozen/Bolzano

Gabi Veit presents her works in aluminium and silver in Bozen at the gallery of contemporary art Antonella Cattani

‘Pruning Relations and Bergwerk’ from 25 to 30 November 2011.

pruned, prun·ing, prunes
1. To cut off or remove dead or living parts or branches of (a plant, for example) to improve shape or growth.
2. To remove or cut out as superfluous.

ricomincerò (there you go again), 2011. Necklace. Aluminium.

“Relations between human beings, between my environments and me – all intrigue me. Developments in relationships, growth in nature and farmers’ work on their plants can all be compared.
The jewelry pieces are first sawed in wax and then cast in aluminium and resin. I build up and cut away the superfluous. I like the idea that growth is the process of constructive destruction.”

über nacht entstand ein neuer tag (over night emerged a new day), 2011. Brooches. Aluminium, resin.

Ring, 2011. Silver 925 oxidized.

“The mountains; time and time again the mountains. I grew up in the mountains, in the Dolomite Mountains.
They encircle me; I have hiked all over them. I have walked all over them; I have lost my way in them. slipped in and crept out.
I cut wax and hollow it out. The pieces are cast in silver. They are unique specimens. Just as my mountains are.”

Ring, 2011. Silver 925.

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