Congratulations Melissa

Melissa Arias, Alchimia student from Venezuela has been selected for “Talente 2012” at the IHM Munich.

Her work with colouring pencils, resin and silver will be on show at the HWK- Muenchen from the 14 to 20 of March 2012.

The description of her work is the following:

In the same way colouring pencils arrived into my life before I learned to walk they arrived into my first experiments in jewellery. As a little girl who discovers a brilliant box of colouring pencils and immediately starts drawing on the wall, scribbling outside the line, dirty, smudged and faded, I started vigorously sawing and shaping them discovering inside unexpected effects and colours remembering/capturing my excitement in my first free and spontaneous marks.

For three months she has worked on this series, collecting pencils had become almost a mania and she sacked kindergardens and playgrounds in and around Florence.

Colouring pencils were my favourite toy as a child giving me feelings of pleasure and excitement. My working process began by deconstructing the pencils in order to reconstruct them in totally different shapes and structures. Resin is used as the primary  binding element, thereafter allowing me to give them the desired shape. I discovered during this process the unexpected mix of colours and marks made by the saw blade resembling the way of drawing on walls, dirty, smudged and faded, like scribbling outside the lines.

I know that I am not the first and only one to use colour pencils as element for design objects, but my research was to transform the pencils into a new material at the same time preserving their function and history. The resulting new forms show clearly the marks of the working process and reveal the memories of child.

This work represents my desire to preserve the spontaneous way a child acts.

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