STOSSIMHIMMEL 15th Anniversary

We invite you to our anniversary exhibition and the presentation of our new catalogue.

Since also our former members are  joining us for this event, we will be presenting a  a large variety of austrian and international contemporary jewellery.

The different relations between the body and the jewellery make out the attraction of this exhibition.This leads the potential of jewellery into different directions. Although mostly traditionally handcrafted, the use of unusual materials absolutely places the pieces within the field of contemporary jewellery.

works of:

Caroline Ertl

Michelle Kraemer

Viktoria Münzker

Eva Tesarik

Birgit Wie

the former memebers and participants in the exhibition are: Heike Wanner, Susanne Matsché, Agnes Maria Hagg, Julia Bramhas, Astrid Zwatz, Lucia Hajdinova, Claire Karò, Sidonie Pacher Darina Hruby

After 15 years of intense work as a jewellery collective, memoires of exhibitions like Gesmuc, Infrablau, Interstellarium and the cooperation with musicans, visual artists, performing artists and many others are revived…

Pictures and scripts for the book were put together by Magdalena Onderka.

We wish the Studio Happy 15th!!!!!!!!

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