UltraMarine as a word derivates from Latin ultra + marinus and means “over the sea” or “beyond the sea”. UltraMarine is a fiery blue pigment extracted from lapis lazuli, one of the oldest precious stones used in jewellery for thousands of years. Lapis lazuli or lazurite was imported to Europe from Middle Asia by sea via Venice, hence the name “beyond the sea”. UltraMarine was a rare and valuable colorant, as expensive as gold leaf because of its remote origin and complex production process. Medieval masters often used that exotic pigment for the uppermost colour layer only. Sometimes just the robes of Virgin Mary and Jesus were painted using the priceless blue.

UltraMarine is the title of an exhibition of contemporary jewellery inaugurated the 6th. of October in Tallinn, Estonia.

51 artists from Estonia, Europe, US, Australia and Asia were invited to show their work in a century old shipyard. The exhibiton is accompanied by 80-page catalogue, with emphasis on staged photographs – The Tales of Jewellery and Sea. The book also features texts from organisers, art critic Martin Rünk and poetess Kristiina Ehin.

UltraMarine is curated and produced by Merle Kasonen, Julia Maria Künnap, Maarja Niinemägi and Kertu Tuberg, four jewellery artists, students of Kadri Maelk, graduated from the Estonian Academy of Art and Desing in Tallinn and united by years of cooperative experience.
Julia Maria Künnap has been artist in residence and teaching assistant at Alchimia and was also the curator of the exhibition and the catalogue” Alchimia” at the Goldschmiedehaus in Hanau in 2008.

We send our congratulation to the curators for the courageous project in this incredible space and are proud that three “Alchimists” are a part of it: Daniela Boieri, Rallou Katsari and Marzia Rossi.

To know more about the projects and activities of the curators :

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