Wedding Vows by Eina Ahluwalia

Eina Ahluwalia, Indian conceptual jewelry artist and writer is presenting ‘Trinity’ an installation on wedding vows at Lakme Fashion week.

“This collection is an empowering stand against domestic violence, which permeates through social, economic, professional, religious boundaries” writes the artist in her press release.

The Bride pushes over the kalsi of rice & takes the first step into her new home brimming with happiness and hope, looking forward to spending the rest of her life with her husband, who will love, respect and protect her. She is nervous, excited and doesn’t really know what waits for her on the other side of that foot mat that reads ‘Home Sweet Home”.

Sitting there on her wedding bed she is demure and traditional…with a ’ghunghat’ on her head.But her jewellery is a golden bridal veil… a protective head gear with serrated edges, symbolizing that she can protect herself. The pleats of her sari have the print of the Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act, symbolizing that she’s heard about it but its almost hidden in her memory.

The very masculine presence of the Husband is seen inspite of his absence on the scene, on the bedside table, where his watch, wallet,wedding turban and a single glass of hot badam milk waits… as does she…

The Trinity is completed with the Bride’s Alter Ego. Strong, confident,owning the bed, her jewels are protective gear. She knows her rights and the Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act is printed on the palla of her sari which is spread out on the bed…

She knows that domestic violence is not just physical, it could be mental, emotional,sexual… and a very low neckpiece reads “No Entry without Authorisation,” and another reads “Violaters Are Subject To Arrest.” She wears her rights and her strength as her jewellery.

Eina Ahluwahlia, India’s first conceptual jewelry artist, as she proudly states on her website, is creating jewelry from her soul. This recent installation is a significant sign for her passion and committment for her profession, her country and her being a woman. Her jewelry is her language, her expression and her way to place herself in the world.

To know more about her work and collections please visit her website:

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