Dream Workshop by Ruudt Peters

A bit late, due to lots of work, some information and pictures on Ruudt’s workshop for all Alchimia students at the beginning of the school year 2011/12.

wonderful weather, allowes Ruudt to gather the 40 students on the terrace to start the 2 days of  dreaming, dreaming, dreaming………

first exercises blind drawings all up on the walls in school

drawing with everything possiblle not only hand and pencil………..

feet for example…..

closed eyes, touching and feeling and dreaming

Ruudt, the director of the dream orchestra…..

for all the new students it was an “amazing” start of the school year

unforgettable experience ?

for sure a lot of fun, but serious fun

and love at first sight for the new Professor !

the last exercise was to make a dream catcher, and they have been all attched in the streets to catch dreams and for sure some astonishment for the people of San Frediano.

for sure it is amazing how Ruudt is able to work with so many students at once.
To start the school year in this way is eye and heart opening, creating a real group of Alchimists.

Thanks to everybody and a successful year for all of us.

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