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In September Walka Studio (Chilean contemporary jewellery collective and school) has been invited to ALCHIMIA to present a lecture, attended by the first class of students in the Master Degree program and to exhibit the works of their students participating in the Contest WE WALKA School 2013 “Ancestral “.

talk with Alchimia Master students

talk with Alchimia Master students

The experience has been very rewarding and generated interesting conversations with ALCHIMIA students.

The lecture Nano Pulgar and Claudia Betancourt (the founders and directors of Walka Studio) presented was titled “TRANSHUMANCE: In the search of new pastures” in which they share both their work as jewelry makers  and their work developing activities in Chile to improve the local scene of Contemporary Jewellery with emphasis on WE WALKA School and their job as teachers.



“Our participation in the first day of classes for the Master program was the perfect prelude to the presentation. We talked with the students about their personal views regarding contemporary jewellery scene, their wishes and professional expectations and how to develop a body of work.”

Alchimia exhibition space

Alchimia exhibition space

“The small exhibition included a selection of the works of our students who participated in the WE WALKA School Contest 2013 with the theme “Ancestral”.The competition had as jury Valeria Vallarta and Jorge Manilla, and had almost 9000 euros in prizes. We exhibited the works in Chile, Spain and Italy.”



Necklace by Maria Ignacia Walker

Necklace by Maria Ignacia Walker

The first award winner of the contest was María Ignacia Walker who is now doing her final year in the Master Program of ALCHIMIA.





LOOT 2014. MAD Museum – New York 

Opening night


October 4, 2014, New York.
My first time in the big apple and I really can’t see anything except the Museum of Arts & Design. I’m terribly excited and frightened at the same time: I have to show my work inside that amazing building at Loot!Mad about jewellery, the annual selling exhibition curated by Bryna Pomp and Michelle Cohen.

Everything has been planned perfectly: day of sending pieces, day of arrival of the designers at the museum, day of the party, day of the setting, day of the press preview and day of the opening. I just have to follow that schedule and everything will go as it should.

I cannot keep the worries out of my mind: I will be there, with my work, looking at people that will watch my pieces. Some will stop, someone will pass through; someone will like it and someone not. It’s stressing! But the surrounding is amazing: in such a small space there are 50 different artists from 25 different countries and It’s fun to meet them, to know them and their work and exchange experiences and opinions. We give suggestions each other, It’s a kind of group critique. And the curators are supervising our work, trying our pieces to choose what to wear in order to show our work around New York for a week.

The opening was just unbelievable: so many people…I did not manage to stop speaking, explaining my work. And it’s such a satisfaction to see this big interest! I did not realize time was flying and I found myself at 10 pm, totally exhausted, but incredible happy for having experienced this.
The exhibition lasted a week during which I spent every day at the museum, ready to explain my work to whoever was going to ask me about it.

It’s incredible how many people you have the opportunity to meet in just few days.
And It’s incredible how many working opportunities this creates.

I have been interviewed by gallerists and journalists and I think this was just great!

On the last day we all were tired and sad about leaving the Museum and New York, and it felt that all the efforts had been worth while.
Each one of us had brought at least 50 pieces.
Each one of us came and lived in NY for ten days.

Each one of us, I’m sure, left with the wish of coming back again next year.



Federica Sala is a Milan based Alchimia Master student.
Her collection of glass and silver jewellery has been highly appreciated at the New York event.








lilian mattuschka untitled

lilian mattuschka
‘lasciar andare’


As every year in this period our window and corridor installations are starting.
It is very important that students can work in big spaces once in a while.
Jewellery is a small size medium, even if as jewellery it might be very big sometimes. But compared to other arts the size is still reduced.
On the long run this issue can become frustrating and can also inhibit creativity, but most of all the switch of scale is an important didactic tool.
Scale needs to be felt, the space on the body and the space in a room need to be understood in a very physical way.
For this reason the task to work with a big space is extremely helpful.

The first two students who had to work with these big spaces, transporting their personal issues and concepts into these spaces were:
Marissa Ryan – corridor
Lilian Mattuschka – window.

Sugar packets-during 1

Marrissa Ryan preparng her installation

Sugar packets-during2

500 sugar packs to weave into a painted ceiling is a really demanding task and Marissa worked for about 48 hours straight.

Sugar packs-Chumeng

She had some help from fellow students and friends but mostly the task was hers and we closed her into school from 4 in the afternoon until 8 in the morning.

Sugar packs-done-under

‘Weight’ installation by Marissa Racht

Is an installation about the toll that tourism takes on the body of the city.  Like the effects that the sweet goodness and pleasure of refined sugar takes on own bodies when not consumed in moderation, the weight of tourism does the same to cultural heritage and the fragile bone structure of ancient cities when over indulged.

Sugar packs-done2

Sugar packs-done2

In the window there is the installation of Lilian Mattuschka, titled ‘lasciar andare’ which means ‘letting go’.


around 200 items of her daily life closed in a vacuum pack, as we normally preserve ham or sausages.


Hanging like in a butcher’s shop. What does she want to tell us with this very antiseptic atmosphere,
in-between morgue and freezer.


And the title -letting go-  ?
Maybe the meaning is that only by  conserving and putting in order our surrounding and probably also our mind,
we can let go of things and start a new.
Making order as a kind of zen ritual to be able to live our life.
The conservation of moments in an absolutely antiseptic environment.
So memory cannot deteriorate.



Obsession as a ritual of letting go, extreme conservation in order to fall free.
Once stored well, knowing to have stored well, we can finally forget.

lilian mattuschka untitled

lilian mattuschka


December 8 to 12 – 2014
Five days, 30 hours

Is it possible to use a 5000 year old technique to make contemporary jewellery ?

Yes it is and Susanne Matschè is a fantastic teacher


Susanne Matsché, pendant, silver, steel


As the dictionary tells us filigree is a delicate ornamental work of twisted gold, silver, or other wire and one of the oldest jewellery techniques and used in almost all jewellery traditions. Today it might be regarded as old-fashioned and just linked to cheap remakes of traditional pieces but in the right hands it can be of a magical beauty.

Susanne Matsché,, Austrian, American, German jeweller, specialized in this very particular and in contemporary jewellery quite unusual technique has already given an insight in the art of filigree at Alchimia in June 2014.

It was a great success and students, some at their first arms in jewellery making, were able to realize an impressive number of pieces and samples in these five days.


Susanne Matsché, pendant, silver


Dates of workshop: December 8 to December 12, five days, 30 hours

cost: € 700 + 22% VAT

workshop description:

In this workshop students will get an insight into the art of filigree. To create light, delicate pieces of jewelry, we will prepare decorative fine silver wires, make special solder alloy, and assemble wires in multiple layers.
The unusual technique of filigree is a fascinating process with its soft fine silver wire of an almost textile quality, the assembling of complex ornaments with glue on paper, the use of special tweezers and powdered solder. Over the course of the 5 days the students will have the opportunity to take the traditional technique further to develop a highly personal application out of these ancient methods…

Blatt Birgit

workshop June Alchimia

workshop June Alchimia

Susanne Matschè has been teaching workshops in this technique in schools and universities all over the world and her love for this particular kind of work is contributing to keep 5000 years of knowledge alive.


Susanne Matsché. ring, silver



Susanne Matsché. pendant, silver


for further information:



Susanne Matsché. ring, silver




Of course you are all invited to come to Mons in Belgium, where this Triennial is starting on Friday.
Italy is one of the invited countries and 4 teachers of Alchimia have been selected to participate.

Nevin Arig, Liesbeth Bussche, Clarisse Bruynbroeck, Hilde De Decker, Marion Delarue,
Silke Fleischer, Bernard François, Delphine Joly, kuppers&wuytens, Claire Lavendhomme,
Patrick Marchal, Marta Miguel, Shana Teugels, Karen Vanmol, Nelly Van Oost

Ulla Ahola, Tuija Hietanen, Sirja Knaapi, Helena Lehtinen, Eija Mustonen, Maria Nuutinen,
Inni Pärnänen, Essi Pullinen, Ari Pyörälä, Tiina Rajakallio, Jenni Sokura, Janna Syvänoja,
Nelli Tanner, Tarja Tuupanen, Tatu Vuorio

Daniela Boieri, Giovanni Corvaja, Arata Fuchi, Doris Maninger, Stefano Marchetti,
Lucia Massei, Barbara Paganin, Marzia Rossi, Jacqueline Ryan, Giovanni Sicuro,
Fabrizio Tridenti, Barbara Uderzo, Graziano Visintin, Annamaria Zanella

We want to give some insight in the pieces that will be on show

Lucia Massei
irector of Alchimia
weekend courses – pigments on metal

I diritti e il rovescio

‘I diritti e il rovescio’, necklace, 2013 yellow gold, silver, ancient epaulettes

” Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future,
And time future contained in time past.
If all time is eternally present
All time is unredeemable”

T.S. Eliot

Is the past behind us and the future ahead ?
Present becomes instantly past when we mention it, a trail towards a future. Philosophers have debated about this concept for thousands of years.
We use time as matter:
this collection reflects a long sense of the past, even in emotional terms, where objects are re-vitalized to new life,
often in contrast with their preceding function of use: selecting and working with objects of the past in order to give them a new name,
removing them from their silent space, and giving them a new life.

ring, 2014 Victorian “steel cut “ button , white gold

ring, 2014 Victorian “steel cut “ button , white gold


“Orientale" bracelet, 2014 ancient epaulettes,  copper, yellow gold, silk

‘Orientale’,bracelet, 2014, ancient epaulettes, copper, yellow gold, silk



Marzia Rossi
head of the Alchimia 
intensive course program
weekend courses - acrylic glass

she is gone, necklace 2011-12 silver, beads nylon thread


stanze necklace, 2012 silver, agate beads, ruby beads

stanze, necklace, 2012, silver, agate beads, ruby beads

It might be possible…..
to carry a special space
where to keep those particular  lucky or scary moments
or anything that cannot be said to everyone.
A space where imagination can go far and….
depending on the moment,
take a different consistence.

My pieces long to be this space……….

ring 2014 silver, gold

ring, 2014, shibuichi, gold



Doris Maninger
director of Alchimia
weekend courses: textile techniques in metal, laces are not only for little girls



‘ephemeral floating’, necklace, 2013, iron, silver, electroformed






‘ephemerals crouching’, brooch, 2014, silver electroformed


Ask yourself a question and give yourself the answer – this might be contemporary jewellery for me

What am I?
How do you want to wear me?
and most of all
Why do you want to wear me?

Every material I use, every form I create is asking questions and giving answers.


Immagine 3

‘ephemeral in prison’ necklace, iron, silver electroformed



Daniela Boieri
Alchimia intensive course leader
weekend courses: marriage metal, hand engraving


ring, silver, gold, ruby

ring, 2014, silver, gold


Daniela Boieri - 1

necklace, 2014, silver


If I take a look on my work, if I have to talk about it, I see and imagine how clear it should be to anyone invited to watch with me, that there’s a canon, a relationship between inside and outside.
Whether it’s cylinders or cages, I always leave a space open.
Open, free and at the same time protected.
The surface of the metal is hardened by oxidation and marked by time.
The eye wanders curious among the shapes with the knowledge that it can always come out with renewed relief and with the pleasure that this freedom of going inside and out would respect spaces and personal discretion.

with Daniela Malev

Date: November 14 to November 16,  three days 15 hours

cost: €350 + 22%VAT

for information and enrolment: and

4 Daniela_Malev

The infinite possibilities of fastening  is the theme of this workshop.
The importance of the needle, one of the oldest ways to drape fabric around the body – THE FIBULA – forerunner of todays brooch, will be the starting point of technical reflections around appropriate solutions for the backside of brooches.
Every brooch needs its own way of fastening, this workshop will give students the tools to invent their own fastening in accordance with the concept and the materials used in the piece itself.

12 safety pin

In the field of contemporary jewellery the brooch is the most common and also much discussed form of jewellery.
One of the special challenges of making a good brooch is to find an adequate solution for the needle which connects the piece securely to the body but goes beyond being a mere functional and invisible backside.
It should be an essential part of the brooch in terms of content and aesthetics.

pic workshop brooching techniques

In the workshop students make excercises to different needle techniques and ways of thinking about what a needle can be and how it can be solved.


7 Daniela_Malev

Participants should bring different materials and fragments which you would like to turn into a brooch.


9 Daniela_Malev

Daniela Malev

1972 born in Dresden

1991-94 study, work and travel in USA, Mexico, Australia

1998 diploma as classical goldsmith in Dresden

since 2002 self-employed as jeweller

2007 master craftsman´s certificate in Hanau (Staatliche Zeichenakademie)

2011 Bachelor of Arts in Gemstone and Jewellery Design in Idar-Oberstein

2014 Master of Arts in Gemstone and Jewellery Design in Idar-Oberstein

2008-09 teacher for goldsmithing in Hanau (Staatliche Zeichenakademie)

2012 and 2013 teaching assignments for goldsmithing and brooch back mechanisms in Idar-Oberstein

2014 workshops brooch back mechanisms in Alchimia School for Contemporary Jewellery, Florence




The aim of Alchimia Gallery is to promote the  work  of Alchimia alumni by presenting, organizing and supporting events and exhibitions in Florence as well as abroad.
Through the gallery we give our students the opportunity to show their work in important international events, a precious occasion for them to understand professional working methods.

JOYA Barcelona is the main international event in Spain presenting art jewellery from around the world. The new location, the Arts Santa Monica, is this year’s frame for a unique encounter with contemporary jewellery.

A selection of student’s work from all classes is shown in our stand and it is a fantastic chance for them to experience and measure the reactions of the visitors.


but not only Alchimia gallery is present. There is also AAC the Alchimia Alumni Collective, represented by Andrea Coderch and Catalina Gibert.


There is also our teacher Daniela Boieri who won last year’s Joya award.


and of course Lucia Massei, the director of Alchimia who will grant the Alchimia Award 2014.


Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery celebrates in JOYA 2014 the fourth edition of the “Alchimia Award”, a tribute to the new faces in the world contemporary jewellery. This award, consisting of a two-week intensive course at Alchimia School in Florence, will be given to one of the promising young students from the Selected Schools that participate in this year’s edition of JOYA.

And now some pictures of the beautiful pieces shown in our stand.

Federica Sala, brooch

Federica Sala, brooch

Asuka Tagami, necklace

Asuka Tagami, necklace

Carla Movia, necklace

Carla Movia, necklace


Diana Pantea, ring

Diana Pantea, ring

Shenaz Erdal, brooch

Shenaz Erdal, brooch

Francesco Coda, brooch

Francesco Coda, brooch


Maria Ignacia Walker, necklace

Maria Ignacia Walker, necklace


Elena Gil, necklace

Elena Gil, necklace


We wish all artists good luck and success for the coming days !!!!!